Luxury Handbag Designer Von Holzhausen Commits to All Vegan Leather


Haute handbag designer, von Holzhausen, announced its new commitment to becoming one hundred becoming percent vegan. After launching in 2015 and selling both vegan and animal leather products, the company quickly realized the dominant demand for vegan leather. Last week, the founders made the decision to transition into a completely cruelty-free and ethically sustainable fashion brand.

The luxury designer has fully embraced its new, vegan identity. The redesigned opening page on their website reads, “Join our mission to spread ethical style.” Click through this, and the consumer is brought to the homepage, which teases, “Why the best leather bag isn’t leather…learn more/shop now.” 

Von Holzhausen’s vegan leather is “an intelligent material” that is designed to look, feel, and endure like animal-based leather. The company calls it Technik-Leather based on the technology and engineering that went into its creation. Although the material is considerably high-tech, it does not rely on harmful dyes or manufacturing. The company promises that Technic-Leather is “made with the utmost concern for the environment and with care for the long-term impact on our present and future life.” Further, ninety-nine percent of the solvents used to process the materials are recaptured and recycled to avoid harming the environment.


The company stands by its ethical commitment not only to the animals and the environment but to people as well. All products are made in America by workers who are paid above the minimum wage. Further, von Holzhausen practices social responsibility, partnering with women-focused charities that help women to regain their strength and livelihood.

Shoppers can choose from a wide array of neutral-colored, timeless vegan leather bags that compliment any outfit. The collection includes large bucket bags and totes, to crossbodies, clutches, and the newly trending pouch. Four different styles of belts are also available. Von Holzhausen products are only available through the company’s website in order to retain fair pricing and avoid retail markup.

To celebrate the brand’s cruelty-free commitment, the company is giving away two of its best-selling Shopper bags for those who sign up online.

Image Credit: von Holzhausen