Luxury Shoe Brand MINK to Launch Made-to-Order Customizable Vegan Footwear

Luxury Shoe Brand MINK to Launch Made-to-Order Customizable Vegan Footwear

Established sustainable footwear brand MINK is launching Miley Cyrus approved custom vegan couture, making it the first and only luxury shoe brand to offer 100 percent cruelty-free customizable shoes.

Established in 2000 by designer and celebrity stylist Rebecca Mink, the brand has been at the forefront of ethical fashion. A self-professed animal lover and lifelong advocate for animal welfare, Mink noted the lack of high-end vegan footwear available on the market and took it upon herself to remedy this. Leading the industry toward sustainable production, the entrepreneur created footwear to embody a “California lifestyle meets Italian tradition” style, using luxurious non-leather high-performance materials. According to the brand’s website, the company has now expanded from an “unprecedented concept” into an industry standard, proving that “Creative, quality and gorgeous luxury vegan shoes are possible.” 

Now the concept is growing even further with the company’s new creative venture. Announcing the news via an Instagram post, the company revealed that vegan couture, “Italian luxe designer shoes” will soon be customizable, made-to-order online, and available worldwide beginning in October.

Handmade in the company’s prized Italian factory with 4th generation masters who also create iconic shoes for Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Dolce and Gabbana, and Gucci, MINK shoes are already popular, even among celebrities.

The brand partnered with vegan celeb Kat Von D to create a unique shoe line and is backed by actress and activist Pamela Anderson. Sporting the brand’s cruelty-free vegan leather shoes on a segment of Megyn Kelly TODAY, the former “Baywatch” star wore stylish MINK black stilettos and raved, “[The founder is] my friend. She wanted to make vegan shoes. She started making 10 or 20 pairs of shoes for her friends. Now, she’s so popular. She can make any shoe you want vegan.” At the Met Gala earlier this year, fellow proud vegan celeb Miley Cyrus also donned custom designed vegan shoes from the label.

Customers can sign up for the new website launch now.

Image Credit: MINK and Miley Cyrus

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