Machine Gun Kelly Launches a Cruelty-Free Nail Polish Brand

Machine Gun Kelly split with a product image of his new nail polish line

Weed, sorry, Machine Gun Kelly, has just ventured into the celeb-dominated beauty world with a new nail polish line.

Called UN/DN LAQR, the new range is a reflection of the musician’s love of nail art, which he shares with his girlfriend, actor Megan Fox. The two have been in and out of headlines since they got together and are positively joined at the hip. As well as outfits, they even coordinate nail designs sometimes.

Kelly’s new range—which is marketed as genderless—is vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free, and features 10 different shades, including green Mary Jane (on brand), jet black Depressionist, hot pink Party Favor, and Slippery When Wet, which is likely named after Bon Jovi’s 1980s album of the same title. Fox herself even named a color, a bright orange called 25 to Life. 

There are also sets on offer, like the Lucid Dream Set, which includes Bad Dream (which offers a black and white splatter paint effect), Dream Crusher (the same with pastel blue and pink), and Wet Dream (which is white, naturally).

According to Kelly, the line is about creativity and identity. “Nail polish serves as a true vessel of self-expression,” he says. “I can express myself one way today and do it all again tomorrow with something different. When I do my nails, that’s me wearing my own thoughts and making a statement. To me, polish is not just a color, it’s an intention. Every color has a purpose.”

The celeb beauty market

Kelly’s launch comes hot on the heels of Harry Styles’ beauty brand. The singer, actor, and former One Direction-er recently released Pleasing, which also offers genderless, vegan nail polish, as well as a pearlescent serum, eye gel, and a soothing lip treatment. 

At the time of the launch, Styles hinted there would be more products on the way soon. He told Dazed: “It’s starting with nail polish, because that was kind of the birth of what it was for. It was a fun little project, but during the pandemic, and when we eventually named it Pleasing, it felt like it was so much more than nail polish.”

The celeb beauty market is getting crowded these days. Kelly and Styles are joined by a number of big names who have recently launched or announced their own skincare, haircare, fragrances, or makeup lines or collaborations, including Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Aniston, Jonathan Van Ness, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish.