Madewell Launches Vegan Sneaker Range

These Madewell Vegan Shoes Are As Handsome As You

Popular sustainable denim clothing brand Madewell launched its first-ever sneaker collection in time for spring; not only is it unisex, but it also features vegan-friendly designs.

“We’re excited to launch our first line of sneakers,” Joyce Lee, Madewell’s head of design, said in a statement. “As a denim brand, creating our own sneaker was a natural next step.”

Known for its denim, Madewell produces its clothing in fair trade factories and is committed to providing equal pay for all employees. It uses no harmful dyes and adheres to strict requirements to reduce the use of water and energy.

“We designed our first-ever sneakers with the idea that shoes should be comfy from the get-go,” it notes. “Inspired by vintage skate gear, these canvas low-tops have MWL Cloudlift insoles for a supercushy, ultra-supportive fir that feels like walking on a…well, you know.”

The vegan designs in the new range – named Madewell Sidewalk Sneakers – are made from canvas and were inspired by skaters, there was also an emphasis on making them as comfortable as they possibly could.

“From these new sneakers to its well-executed line of denim and soft, perfectly crafted T-shirts and jean jackets, Madewell Men’s is quickly becoming a brand to be reckoned with in its own right,” online men’s magazine The Manual wrote in its review.

“It helps that these sneakers are here in time for spring,” it added. “The hardest part might be waiting to wear them until it gets warm out.”

Vegan Footwear Soaring in Popularity

Vegan fashion is rising in popularity as consumers become more aware of the ethical and environmental impact of animal-based materials. The cruelty-free shoe industry, in particular, is booming. According to a recent study, animal product-free footwear accounts for 73 percent of the vegan fashion market.

New designs are appearing all the time; Last year, ethical designer Stella McCartney launched a vegan leather version of the iconic Adidas Stan Smith sneaker, worn by actor Emma Thompson and pop icon Madonna.

Fashion brand Veja recently introduced its vegan CAMPO sneaker range made with corn waste. The brand’s cruelty-free designs are also celeb-approved, worn by actors Emma Watson and Marion Cotillard.

Madewell’s vegan-friendly Sidewalk Sneakers are currently available in four colors — peach, black, white, and sage — from the brand’s website.