Major Dairy Company Danone Launches 4 New Vegan Probiotic Almond Yogurts

Danone Launches Vegan Probiotic Almond Light & Fit Yogurt in 4 Dairy-Free Flavors

Leading international food company Danone is known for its wide range of dairy products. Moving away from animal-based foods, it recently introduced a line of probiotic vegan yogurts from its popular Light & Fit brand.

Called Good Plants, the new line features four almond milk-based yogurts in Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon Meringue, and Chocolate Coconut flavors, with other flavors set to launch in the future.

The yogurt cups contain 100 calories and 4 grams of sugar. In comparison, the same serving of a Light & Free (0 percent added sugar) milk-based yogurt delivers 315 calories and 9.2 grams of sugar. The vegan cup contains 8 grams of fiber whilst the same serving of the dairy cup provides just 2.8 grams of fiber. The plant-based version is also free from cholesterol.

Good Plants’ yogurt cups contain B. lactis, BB-12 probiotic, meant to improve digestive health.

Danone’s plant-based journey kicked off in 2016 when it acquired WhiteWave Foods, the parent company of plant-based food brands like Silk, Vega, Alpro, and So Delicious. The following year, Danone reported a $760 million profit that the company credited to the acquisition, particularly the “very strong sales performance” from Vega and So Delicious, as well as the general acceleration of the plant-based market.

Again, in early 2018, Danone attributed much of its first-quarter revenue to its upped sales of vegan products. “Plant-based foods and beverages again delivered strong sales growth,” Danone reported. “…driven by the ongoing rebound in nut-based beverages, successful media and marketing campaigns and premium innovations (Silk prebiotics almond and cashew milks, SoDelicious crafted organic almond milk). Vega nutritional products grew presence and market share.”

By the year 2025, Danone intends to increase its vegan food sales by 300 percent.

As the dairy-free food and drink market surges, the dairy industry is taking a hit. In February, it was reported that 35 percent of people in Ireland are reducing their dairy intake, while nearly 30 percent of people around the UK want to stop buying cheese and milk. Meanwhile, vegan or not, half of Americans drink dairy-free milk according to a Cargill study, with experts estimating that the dairy industry could be wiped out in under a decade.

Good Plants’ vegan range is available at select retailers in Texas and the Northeast with plans to expand nationwide.

Image Credit: Good Plants

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