The Majority of Chilean Citizens Oppose Animal Testing, New Poll Reveals

The vast majority of Chilean citizens oppose animal testing for cosmetic purposes, a new poll by Cadem consultancy has revealed. The poll was carried out on behalf of the Humane Society International (HSI) and NGO Te Protejo.

86 percent of those surveyed by the consultancy firm believe that Chile should take steps to outlaw the practice. The country is the second largest cosmetics market in South America.

The new poll supports HSI and NGO Te Protejo’s campaign, #BeCrueltyFree Chile, launched in 2017, that aims to make animal testing in the country illegal.  “In Chile, it remains perfectly legal for cosmetic chemicals to be dripped into rabbits’ eyes and spread on their delicate skin, all for the sake of a new lipstick and skin cream,” Camila Cortinez, NGO Te Protejo’s general director, stated in October 2017.

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However, this new poll may help to change that fact, Cortinez believes. “It is heartening to see that the people of Chile share our belief that animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients is cruel, archaic, and should be outlawed,” the company director said in a recent statement. “Our findings should serve as a wake-up call to our government and beauty industry that it’s time for Chile to #BeCrueltyFree.”

India, New Zealand, Taiwan, Norway, and Israel are just a few of the 40 countries around the world who have already banned animal testing for cosmetic purposes. And in the United States, individual states are working to significantly reduce the number of animals used for testing beauty products. Most recently, Virginia passed a new bill that requires companies to abstain from testing products on animals wherever possible – the state joins New Jersey, New York, and California who have already passed similar laws.

Beauty companies, such as Lush and The Body Shop, have also taken a stand against cosmetic animal testing. In January, it was reported that The Body Shop was set to take the biggest ever anti-animal testing campaign to the United Nations. And, in November of last year, Lush donated $434,000 in prize money to brands and organizations working to end animal testing for good. So far, the beauty chain has donated $2.37 million to the cause.