Make a Super Creamy Curry With This Vegan Makhani Recipe

Make a Super Creamy Curry With This Vegan Makhani Recipe

We first had a makhani years ago when we were vegetarian and traveling in Prague – we went to a great vegetarian and vegan restaurant that had it on as a special. It was such a delicious dish that years later we still thought about it every so often, and eventually decided that we needed to create our own vegan tofu makhani.

Makhani translates to ‘with butter’ – it’s a pretty creamy dish and is the same thing as butter chicken (murgh makhani), so also very similar to the British equivalent, tikka masala. If you liked any of those non-vegan dishes, you’ll be sure to like our vegan tofu makhani!

With the rise of the vegan movement and the availability of non-dairy alternatives to ingredients like butter and cream, it was pretty easy to create our own version of makhani that we can cook up any time we think about our trip to Prague!


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