This Is How to Make Steak From Plants

This Is How to Make Steak From Plants

Not to sound like a meat eater, but this “steak” is packed with protein and juicy! 

Vital wheat gluten is the isolated gluten protein from wheat flour, so the result is a flour that contains 75 to 80 percent protein. There is something like 23g of protein per 1/4 cup, so each of these vegan “steaks” contain more than 69 grams of protein. I say more, because the chickpea flour, soy sauce, and mushrooms would probably make that number a bit higher. This “steak” alone would be enough protein to meet my protein intake for the day. So next time I am asked where I get protein, instead of my usual “where your meat gets theirs,” I will point them to this recipe.

I personally don’t eat vital wheat gluten, this stuff doesn’t agree with me. Long story short, I ended up in the hospital more than once because I ate too much of it. That’s how I found out I was allergic.

But don’t worry, if you aren’t allergic, it’s actually good for you to eat this! It’s nothing “weird,” you can extract vital wheat gluten from the regular flour you have at home right now. It’s a long process, so they just sell the vital wheat gluten already extracted because ain’t nobody got time for that!

Vital wheat gluten is also commonly added to commercial breads to add stretchiness and extra pockets of air! (I think? Don’t quote me on that!)

One last thing: to get the grilling marks I used a striated pan to cook the “steaks,” but if you don’t have one and want to achieve the same look, you can use your BBQ to grill them! But of course you can use just a regular pan to cook these, they will taste just as good!!

Enjoy this recipe, I developed it for my husband and he loves this!!! I’m sure you will too! I tasted it just to adjust the seasonings and texture, and I definitely am jealous I don’t get to enjoy this!

Bon appetit!


This recipe was republished with permission from Everyday Vegan Food.