Manchester Now Has Vending Machines With Vegan Mars Bars

Manchester Now Has Vending Machines With Vegan Mars Bars

Manchester now has its own vegan vending machine, courtesy of Peace by Piece. The machine is said to be the first of its kind in the city.

Peace by Piece said on its Instagram, “We don’t know everything, but we do think we know a few things: 1. The vegan revolution has arrived. Snacks will be needed.”

It added, “2. Life isn’t all about kale chips and hummus. Vegans need delicious chocolate-dipped marshmallows and Mars Bars from time to time too. Now you’ve got them.”

Mallow Puffs’ vegan vanilla bean mallows are available from the vending machine, as are Almond Dips — chocolate-coated almonds — by Mighty Fine, and vegan Mars Bars-style treats.

Vegan Snickers-style candy bars are also on offer. The snacks — which feature peanuts, caramel, and peanut nougat in a chocolate coating — contain no trans fats or artificial ingredients. Vegan Wagon Wheels-inspired treats, crunchy chocolate squares, dairy-free cheese and onion crisps, and vegan Bounty Bars are also available.

For drinks, the vending machine is stocked with rhubarb-flavored fizzy drinks, chocolate protein shakes, chilli chocolate cold brews, and pure organic coconut water.

The vegan vending machine also supports a good cause. “Ending the crazy levels of homelessness in Manchester is something we all need to get behind,” the company said online, adding that 10 percent of its profits go toward the issue.

“And no this isn’t a marketing gimmick, it’s just a great opportunity for us (and you) to help with something important,” Peace by Piece said.

Vegan Vending Machines Taking Over

Manchester Now Has Vending Machines With Vegan Mars Bars
These vegan vending machines are stocked with plant-based candy, crisps, and drinks. | Peace by Piece

Peace by Piece joins a growing number of companies launching plant-based vending machines.

UK-based company Vegan Vend has two all-vegan vending machines in Bristol. The machines — which are named Violet and Daisy — are chilled and stocked with healthy snacks, wraps, sandwiches, and desserts made by local businesses.

Local artists designed the artwork for the machines, which were installed after a Kickstarter campaign raised more than £3,000.

Plant-based vending machines are cropping up outside of the UK, too. Vancouver got a new vegan-friendly vending machine earlier this year. In the U.S., CPNJ Vending is bringing healthy plant-based food to Indiana hospitals with its vegan vending machines. The company hopes to expand nationwide.

Peace by Piece’s vegan vending machine can be found on the second floor of Manchester indoor market Afflecks.