MANIC PANIC Release Vibrant Vegan Eyeshadow Palette

Have you been trying to get back to your New York City punk rock roots but just cannot find the cruelty free eyeshadow palette that allows you to do it? Well, sit down. Your search is officially over.

MANIC PANIC is a brand created by Tish and Snooky, two of the original members of world famous American punk band Blondie, and they have just released exactly what you’ve been looking for: a vibrant vegan eyeshadow pallet.

The duo has teamed up with Hot Topic to bring a vegan-friendly Amplified Eyeshadow Palette to the market with 12 different colours to choose from. The shades have been named after MANIC PANIC’s already very popular range of hair dyes, featuring Ultra Violet, Vampire Red, and Virgin Snow. It also comes with a mirror and a double-sided brush.

Snooky said of the new release, ‘we are so excited to give our fans some of our all-time favourite hair colours in the form of eyeshadow, each shade is beautiful and vibrant and now you can match with your favourite hair dye!’

The case of the palette does not disappoint either, with a graffiti design that is reminiscent of CBGB (one of Blondie’s former punk haunts in New York City).

So, if the palette sounds just like just your jam, the good news is you don’t have to wait to get your hands on it. The palette is available now for $11.90 from Hot Topic online and in all their stores across the United States.