Marie Claire Launches Vegan Beauty and Snack Delivery Boxes

Fashion magazine Marie Claire has today announced their partnership with Lifebox to bring you their first limited edition snack and beauty product box.

Beginning with the ‘Winter Skin Edition,’ Marie Claire’s box will have a whole host of exciting goodies to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing through the winter season. Priced at £36, but with over £65 worth of products inside, the box is entirely gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free.

The box will include 20 different items from well-known brands such as Pukka Tea, Pip & Nut, Ombar Chocolate, and Pulsin. ‘Even with the best of intentions it’s tricky to resist sugary snacks in the office or tucking into something not so virtuous in front of the TV after a stressful day,’ says Charlotte Clark of Marie Claire, which is why they’ve provided you with a box full of goodies that taste as good as their sugary counterparts.

The packaging is also pretty enough to turn into a storage box, perhaps for your makeup, suggests Clark.

The box is delivered straight to your door and you can order it from the Lifebox website.

According to the magazine, this will be their first in a range of seasonal boxes, the next of which will be announced early next year.

Image credit: Marie Claire | Lifebox