Company Offers Year of Free Marketing Services to Businesses That Go Vegan

Aveccio by Levley Marketing is a vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free marketing service. It is also the name behind what may be the world’s first Compassion Business Challenge. The new scheme aims to make waves within the business world and change the lives of animals around the globe.

Three companies will receive a full year of free marketing services if they make the switch to 100% cruelty-free business practices. The total value of the service is up to $100,000, which may include research, website design, app creation and management of social media.

President of Aveccio by Levley Marketing Jonathon Levley believes the campaign is “activism through commerce”.

He explains, “By subsidizing the cost of a sizeable business expense, we hope to be able to better be able positively impact the lives of animals more than they would with their resources alone”.

As well furthering the growth of the vegan movement, Levley Marketing believes the switch will help businesses to “sustain themselves, and grow”. The winners will be chosen based on companies that receive the most public nominations.

To nominate a business, social media users are encouraged to post a picture and tag the company you believe should make the pledge to veganism this year. The chosen businesses will have until June 2018 to make the change.

Levley Marketing works exclusively with vegan and cruelty-free businesses and non-profits. According to the agency, the work they do gives companies a “competitive edge in the commercial world”, in order to save more animals, keep humans healthy and make the environment greener.