Supermarket Giants M&S and Waitrose Launch ‘Realistic’ Vegan Meat Ranges

Supermarket super-chains Marks and Spencer (M&S) and Waitrose have both launched their first ‘faux-meat’ products this week, and they claim that taste-wise they are indistinguishable from the real thing.

The new range comes in response to a rise of both veganism, and also the flexitarian diet where people are cutting down on meat consumption and looking to make the transition as easy as possible.

On their website, M&S introduce their range: “[s]ay hello to your new meat-free Monday life-savers with 13 new tasty veggie dishes including edamame bean burgers, vibrant beetroot falafel, sweet potato sausages and, for the first time, two plant-based soy proteins, both suitable for vegans.”

The new range includes veggie ‘beef-style’ mince, which is even said to smell like mince, and veggie ‘chicken’ chunks, perfect for curries.

In fact, Waitrose has collaborated on a variety of soya ready-meals, which include lasagne and curries! Whoever said that ditching meat meant more inconvenience?

UK supermarkets Asda and Tesco already stock their own-brand soya mince and chicken, and now we see a rise of luxury labels adding to the list!

While some may feel uncomfortable with plant-based products which try to emulate the taste and cooking experience of meat, it should be remembered that making the transition away from meat ought to be as easy as possible.

M&S Product Developer Katie Squire explains: “[w]e have been on a mission to find the tastiest plant-based alternatives to meat, and are very excited to be finally launching these products. They have been scientifically developed to replicate meat in terms of taste, texture and even smell, appealing to those taking a ‘flexitarian’ approach to meat reduction.”

Image credit: Marks and Spencer