Marks & Spencer Wins Award for Its Vegan Food and Fashion Ranges

UK high street retailer Marks & Spencer has received an award for its vegan-friendly food and fashion ranges.

Animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) awarded the chain with its first “Vegan-Friendly High-Street Retailer Award.” The group stated in a Tweet“[The award] goes to [Marks & Spencer] for its clearly labeled, fabulous [vegan] food offerings and accessories! Compassion is in fashion.”

In the last few months, Marks & Spencer has launched a huge range of new vegan options catering to the demand for plant-based food.

The chain introduced a new vegan food range named Plant Kitchen, featuring comfort food such as burgers, meatless pies, and dairy-free mac and cheese, as well as healthier options such as Mexican Supergrains.

“Some people think meat-free food is boring but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Claire Richardson, a member of the Plant Kitchen team, in a statement last year. “It’s experimental – and it’s delicious.”

Each item is clearly marked as vegan, thanks to a campaign by Animal Aid. According to the group, the labels help vegans to spot suitable products on the shelves, but they also help to show everyone just how many exciting, creative plant-based options there are available.

Plant Kitchen was followed by the announcement of a new range of 350 vegan-friendly shoes.

The Spring collection of 350 shoes includes a variety of different styles, including trainers, brogues, and sandals. The retailer also offers a range of vegan-friendly coats, launching a cozy celebrity-approved hot pink faux fur jacket back in December.

“From its fresh, ready-made vegan fare to its stylish animal-free accessories, Marks & Spencer is ticking all the boxes when it comes to ethical food and fashion,” said PETA in a statement.

“The iconic high-street retailer is keeping step with the burgeoning demand for animal-friendly options and helping to move Britain in a kinder and more sustainable direction with its easily identifiable vegan labeling.”

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