Marks & Spencer Just Launched Vegan Greek Yogurt

Marks & Spencer Just Launched Vegan Greek Yogurt

British retailer Marks & Spencer now sells vegan Greek yogurts.

The new, non-dairy yogurts come in three flavors: Soya Greek Style Plain, Soya Greek Style Strawberry, and Soya Greek Style Peach & Passionfruit.

The single-serve yogurt pots are fortified with calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. They contain less than 90 calories and at least five grams of protein.

Marks & Spencer Just Launched Vegan Greek Yogurt
Marks & Spencer’s Plant Kitchen range also includes cauliflower popcorn.

Demand for Vegan Food Grows in the UK

According to a report from London-based market research firm Mintel, vegan food sales increased by 40 percent in the UK from 2014 to 2019.

Over the five-year span, the sale of meatless products increased to an estimated £816 million today. Researchers expect the number will continue to grow to more than £1.1 billion by 2024.

The study also showed that the number of Brits consuming meat-free foods grew from 50 percent in 2017 to 56 percent in 2019. Similarly, the number of meat-eaters who limited or reduced their consumption of meat also increased from 28 percent to 39 percent over the same span of time.

Marks & Spencer Just Launched Vegan Greek Yogurt
The chain carries a number of plant-based options. | @thehungrydropkick

Marks & Spencer Gets More Vegan Options

Due to the ever-increasing demand for plant-based options, Marks & Spencer launched a vegan range, called Plant Kitchen, last year.

“Veganism is a trend that we are absolutely loving at M&S,” April Preston, director of product development at M&S, said in a statement. She continued, “As our customers continue to experiment and adopt more flexitarian diets, we too are having fun creating new products to fit within this.”

It features comfort staples like cauliflower popcorn and vegan mac and cheese, as well as healthier options like Green Thai Curry and Jasmine Rice and Mexican Supergrains.

All of the range’s products are clearly marked “vegan,” thanks to animal rescue organization Animal Aid’s Mark it Vegan campaign.

On the importance of supermarkets including clear vegan labeling, the organization’s campaign manager, Tod Bradbury, said in a statement: “Firstly, it enables those of us who avoid animal products entirely to easily find which products are vegan.”

He continued: “Secondly, it also helps non-vegans realise how many delicious vegan options there truly are to choose from.”

Earlier this year, the Plant Kitchen range launched a ready-to-heat vegan fish and chips. The crispy battered tofu goujons and chips joined more than 100 other plant-based meals and snacks, including the line’s no-chicken kiev and sausage rolls.