Marks & Spencer Just Launched Vegan Chocolate Buttons

Marks & Spencer Just Launched Vegan Chocolate Buttons

Marks & Spencer has launched vegan chocolate buttons. But they’re not just any vegan chocolate buttons. They’re M&S Raspberry, Cranberry & Orange Dark Chocolate Buttons.

Instagram account Vegan Food UK posted about the new vegan sweets. “New-ish raspberry chocolate buttons at M&S!,” it wrote. “Looks like there has been a whole wave of vegan sweet treats launched at [Marks & Spencer]. These [look delish] and we have heard that they taste damn good too!”

The chain also recently launched gelatin-free vegan gummy flamingos.

Marks & Spencer Goes Vegan

Fab Flamingos are gelatin-free. | image/Canterbury Vegan

Marks & Spencer has embraced vegan food recently, launching the extensive Plant Kitchen range of animal-free products, including churros and cauliflower popcorn. “Some people think meat-free food is boring,” said Plant Kitchen team member Claire Richardson in a statement after the initial launch. “That couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s experimental — and it’s delicious.”

“We’ve created a collection that will appeal to everyone,” she added. “Whether you’re a longstanding vegan, want to lead a more flexitarian lifestyle, or you love meat but think cauliflower popcorn sounds amazing!”

The chain also offers vegan fashion, including a huge range of leather-free footwear for adults and, as of recently, a range of vegan shoes for children too.

Marks & Spencer is offering more vegan products due to the rise in demand from consumers. Today’s consumers are learning about the ethical, environmental, and health impact of animal products, and as a consequence, are looking for more plant-based food and clothing.

“After increased customer interest in veganism and a rise in online searches for related products, we decided to investigate the possibility of expanding our vegan-friendly offering into footwear and accessories,” Rachel Smith — the senior footwear technologist at Marks & Spencer — said earlier this year.

The chain isn’t alone. A number of UK supermarkets have launched new vegan products recently. Morrisons just added vegan BLT sandwiches to its ever-expanding vegan options, instead of bacon, the sandwich includes “smoky carrot strips.” Leading UK supermarket chain Tesco now stocks gelatin-free vegan Haribo sweets, and Sainsbury’s offers a wide range of vegan food products under its Love Your Veg brand.