Marks & Spencer Is Launching Vegan Chorizo and Posh Dogs Sausages

Marks & Spencer Is Launching Vegan Chorizo and Posh Dogs Sausages

British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) may soon be adding “Vegan Chorizo Puppies” and “Veggie Posh Dogs” to its vegan food range. 

Popular food blog Vegan Food UK announced the launch of the new vegan sausages on its Instagram page. 

Looks like Marks and Spencer [is] getting ready for BBQ season with some new vegan sausages,” it captioned alongside a photo of the new meatless sausage.

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Marks & Spencer’s No Egg & Watercress sandwich is vegan. | @thehungrydropkick

M&S Vegan Food Range

M&S is no stranger to offering vegan options. Over the past few years, the chain has greatly expanded its vegan products.

Whether you’re going veggie, avoiding meat and dairy, or want to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, we’re here to make sure you’re fully equipped with all the facts,” the company’s website reads.

M&S added a vegan fish and chips ready-to-eat meal to its Plant Kitchen range earlier this year. The vegan fish and chips feature crispy battered tofu goujons, chips, and dairy-free tartare sauce.

The chain’s Plant Kitchen food range launched last year. It features meatless sausage rolls, comfort food staples like meat-free burgers and pies, as well as dairy-free mac and cheese.

The U.K. is getting more plant-based options as the flexitarian diet grows in popularity.

Rise Of Flexitarianism In The U.K.

Flexitarianism—also known as the semi-vegetarian diet—is a more flexible version of vegetarianism. It encourages the consumption of mostly plant-based foods. Proponents of the flexitarian diet typically only eat meat and animal products occasionally.

The new plant-based demographic has emerged as people become more inclined to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Consumers are also becoming more aware of how their food choices negatively impact the environment.

According to FoodNavigator, approximately 50 percent of people living in the U.K. will be flexitarian by 2025. It also said about 25 percent will be vegetarian or vegan.

As flexitarian and plant-based diets grow in popularity in the U.K., chains like M&S are releasing more meatless options in order to meet the growing demand for meat-free foods.

Of its decision to increase its vegan offerings, a spokesperson for M&S said in 2017: “The rise of the ‘vegivore’ and ‘flexitarian’ means that as a country we’re experimenting more with new vegetables and people are less afraid to try something different.”