Marks & Spencer Just Revealed Its Vegan Christmas Range

Updated October 5, 2019. Marks & Spencer has revealed its vegan Christmas range, featuring a vegan turkey roast, pigs in blankets, and (of course) dessert.

For your festive entrée, a vegan root vegetable tarte Tatin is available, as well as a Butternut, Almond & Pecan Nut Roast from the chain’s Plant Kitchen range.

Marks & Spencer is also offering a turkey-like Plant Kitchen Festive Roast — filled with cranberry and chestnut stuffing — and vegan bread sauce.

For appetizers, there are vegan pigs in blankets. The menu also includes a festive vegan sweet potato sandwich, a dark chocolate and cherry dessert, and salted caramel truffles.

“M&S is this year launching its first full vegan Christmas dinner with a mouth-watering plant protein centerpiece, vegetables, roast potatoes, gravy, stuffing and even no pigs in duvets (plant protein pigs in blankets),” says the brand.

According to the high street retailer, this year’s menu is based on feedback from over 80,000 customers. Marks & Spencer aims to take out “some of the most angst-inducing elements of Christmas entertaining.

Marks & Spencer Just Revealed Its Christmas Range
M&S’s Christmas range includes vegan pigs in blankets.

Vegan Christmas Food

Marks & Spencer isn’t alone in offering vegan options this Christmas.

Tesco’s Christmas options this year include a full range of appetizers, entrées, and dessert. For starters, there are vegan pigs in blankets and Thai lemongrass rolls. Dinner options include stuffed butternut squash, a festive butternut squash, mushroom, and chestnut wreath, or the sweet potato and red cabbage Christmas log. And for dessert, there’s vegan chocolate torte and ice cream.

At Aldi, vegan Wellington, a vegan Mexican-inspired party platter, meatless duck rolls, and bao buns will be on offer. Waitrose will have vegan pâté, shawarma, and mini beet Wellingtons wrapped in dairy-free puff pastry. Its entrée options include a festive wreath stuffed with vegan apple and cranberry bangers. There’s also a root vegetable en croute, featuring roasted carrots in a creamy spinach sauce wrapped in puff pastry.

Asda will also offer vegan Wellington. Its version is stuffed with a blend of chickpeas, cranberries, apricots, and a layer of cranberry sauce. A chocolate ring, filled with dairy-free caramel sauce and chocolate mousse with a Belgian chocolate shell brushed with gold lustre is on the dessert menu.