This week’s vegan news: McDonald’s and KFC in the UK have completely shut down, including its drive-thru operations, in order to protect employees and customers from the coronavirus. Sainsbury’s meat counters have closed in order to divert resources during the pandemic. Chicken sales have fallen 50% in India as rumors of a link between poultry and the coronavirus have spread.

The U.S. has begun its first human clinical trial for an experimental coronavirus vaccine without testing it first on animals. Animal rights nonprofits have launched new anti-meat billboards in Los Angeles, featuring frequent pig vigil attendee Joaquin Phoenix. NASA scientists were recently treated to a screening of the vegan documentary “The Game Changers.”

These nursery schools are introducing vegan meals and snacks in order to protect the environment. According to a new report, the global vegan food market could reach $31.4 billion by 2026. The Prado Museum in Madrid now offers a vegan tour.