McDonald’s Launches 2nd New Vegan Burger Across Finland

McDonald's Finland Launches Vegan ' El Veggo' Burger in All 65 Restaurants

McDonald’s Finland has launched a new vegan burger across al 65 of its locations.

“The 100% vegan El Veggo hamburger has a Salsa flavor,” states the McDonald’s Finland website“Underneath the tasty soybean steak is a spicy, spicy salsa sauce and vegan McFeast sauce. In addition, it’s topped with fresh tomatoes and salad.”

The soy-based veggie burger is made from non-GMO American soybeans while the “McFeast” sauce is a blend of spinach, mustard, and other seasonings.

This marks the second time that the one of world’s largest fast-food chain has added a vegan option to its Finnish menu. In October 2017, McDonald’s tested the plant-based McVegan, featuring a soy-based patty created by Nordic food group Orkla, at its location in Tampere, Finland.

McDonald's Finland Launches Vegan ' El Veggo' Burger in All 65 Restaurants

Last December, the chain announced that the trial was a success and the McVegan burger became a permanent addition to the menu in the Nordic region. Last February, Orkla CEO Peter Ruzicka told Food Navigator that the fast-food chain had sold 150,000 vegan burgers in one month, proving that plant-based food is no longer niche.

“People want to eat more plant-based food, partly because of health reasons, but also because of environmental reasons,” he said. “[The McVegan has] less climate impact than a regular burger made of meat… And this has received a lot of attention worldwide. This trend, of course, is not only in the Nordics.”

The McVegan has earned high praise from customers, including from Tofurky founder Seth Tibbott. The vegan meat pioneer took to social media to write about his visit to a Finnish McDonald’s last April.

“Never thought I would live to see this,” Tibbott wrote, accompanying a photo of his fast-food feast. “Last night’s dinner in Helsinki, Finland. Not too bad! Progress.”

“Well, by today’s burger standards… it’s decidedly middle of the road but I left feeling satisfied overall. Epic historic moment. Today only Finland and Sweden, tomorrow the world,” he added.

Sources report that the El Veggo burger will be available in McDonald’s Finland until December 27 and at this moment, there are no plans to make it permanent. If it’s popular enough, it’s safe to speculate that it may follow in the footsteps of the McVegan.

Image Credit: McDonald’s Finland

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