McDonald’s Reveals It’s Closely Watching Vegan Meat Market

McDonald’s Is ‘Keeping an Eye On’ the Impossible Foods and the Vegan Protein Industry

One of world’s largest fast-food chains, McDonald’s, may serve vegan burgers in the near future.

That’s according to Lucy Brady, the burger chain’s senior vice president of corporate strategy. Futurism reports that during Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in California last week, Brady revealed, “plant-based protein is something we’re keeping our eye on.”

The McDonald’s exec was referring to the inclusion of plant-based meats like the Impossible Burger, made by northern California-based food tech company, Impossible Foods. The meatless meat, made from wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein, and heme – an iron-rich ingredient that gives the burger its famous realistic flavor -, has been discreetly popping up on restaurant menus nationwide.

Last September, White Castle, the nation’s first fast-food restaurant, added the plant-based burger to its menu, paired with a strong push from members of the hip-hop group, the Wu-Tang Clain.


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Vegan Options at McDonald’s

Vegan options at McDonald’s are severely limited in the US. But customers in Finland and Sweden can order the McVegan, which contains a soy-based patty made by the Nordic food company, Orkla. The McVegan exceeded sales expectations in Sweden, according to the chain’s head of food and menu strategy.

The fast-food chain added another plant-based burger called the McVeggo to its Finnish locations earlier this month, featuring a soy meat patty served with spicy sauce.

On US menus, there’s a basic side salad comprised of iceberg lettuce with a smattering of whole cherry tomatoes, sliced fruit, and drinks. Locations in our neighbor to the north, Canada, are a little more exciting, with hash browns and baked apple pie on the menu.

The fries, infamously made with beef seasoning, are not vegan in the US or Canada – but that’s not the case in the UK. Last week, a leaked photo shared in a vegan food group on Facebook revealed that UK locations may soon offer a meatless option. The photo showed a sandwich and a wrap with crisp veggie chicken strips. It’s not clear at the moment whether the new menu items will be vegan or vegetarian, but it’s speculated that the launch is slated for early next year.

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