McDonalds Introduces a Vegan Burger to the Menu!

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McDonald’s are trialing their new burger today – and it’s vegan! Named the ‘McVegan’, the burger is currently available only at one restaurant in Finland, but should it prove popular, there’s a chance it’s distribution could spread.

The McVegan patty is made from soy, and at this particular outlet, you can also order the burger with vegan fries, which isn’t possible everywhere in the world, where the fries contain beef fat.

At present, the burger will only be available until the end of November. Then, McDonald’s will look back over the previous two months to decide whether it can stay on the menu or be set aside.

Many vegans choose to stay away from McDonald’s, not only due to the gargantuan amount of meat the company uses on an annual basis, but also due to the fact that McDonald’s has caused huge levels of deforestation, particularly in the Amazon rainforest.

However, as consumers seek more plant-based convenience options, it’s possible that this burger could be quite popular. McDonald’s consideration of adding a vegan burger to menus also suggests that the vegan movement is here to stay and that large corporations are going to have to adapt to the new demands of consumers.