Modern Meat Is the New Vegan Protein That Tastes Just Like Homemade

Meet the High Protein Vegan Meat Brand As Clean As Homemade

There’s nothing like a hearty, filling homemade meal. And what’s more comforting than enjoying a healthy, plant-based meal at home at the end of a long day.

Those with busy schedules don’t have to miss out on a tasty and nutritious home-cooked dinner. Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you have to opt for takeout or frozen, pre-made meals thrown into the oven.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Health lists plant-based diets as “powerful ways to achieve good health.” The nonprofit promotes plant-based foods and preventative medicine. It links plant-based diets to reduced rates of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even some types of cancer. And as more people turn to healthier, plant-based foods, brands are churning out clean, vegan products to meet the growing demand.

Modern Meat is one plant-based meat company ensuring you don’t have to miss out on a healthy, homestyle meal. The Vancouver-based brand is transforming the vegan protein industry with its clean, ingredient profile using only real whole foods. And it creates its meatless products minus the additives and preservatives.

“Our ultimate aim is to introduce consumers to plant-based meat alternatives that are truly healthy and nourishing for your body,” Tara Haddad, the company’s CEO, told LIVEKINDLY.

Meet the High Protein Vegan Meat Brand As Clean As Homemade
Modern Meat’s products are high in protein and contain no hidden ingredients. | Modern

Crafting Healthy Plant-Based Meat

Modern Meat produces nutritious, plant-based proteins—all of which contain no hidden ingredients. They are also free of gluten, soy, nuts, and GMOs.

“Modern Meat products feature simple ingredients from the earth, nothing highly processed or lab-made, which really sets us apart.” Haddad said.

She explained that the company’s products feature signature recipes with chef-inspired flavors that allow “consumers to experience restaurant quality foods that can be cooked and enjoyed at home.

The company’s Modern Burger is a big, juicy pea protein-based burger made with whole food ingredients. These include cauliflower, beets, and mushrooms. The brand also carries slider versions.

Modern Meat offers Mediterranean-inspired, pasta-ready pea protein-based meatballs, as well as meatless ground crumbles. In addition to featuring pea protein and other veggies—they’re also made with eggplants. And for the seafood lovers, the company’s crabless cakes look and cook just like your favorite seafood. The Modern “Crab” Cakes feature a blend of vegetables, fresh herbs, and lemon.

Meet the High Protein Vegan Meat Brand As Clean As Homemade
Modern Meat’s crabless cakes look and taste just like the real thing. | Modern Meat

Wholesome Vegan Meats the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Haddad’s journey to making clean, plant-based meats stemmed from her desire to create healthy proteins for her family.

She says she created the company after noticing a limited selection of healthy, nutritious meals on the market. “I was looking for simple, wholesome and pure protein alternatives for my husband and three young children. I wanted my family to move to a lifestyle that incorporated more plant-based eating.”

She added: “The options available were extremely limited. And they never lived up to their nutritional claim or they simply did not taste great. I decided to take on the challenge of developing my own line of plant-based protein alternatives.”

Haddad says using clean protein from plants that are good for the body and the planet is a major foundation of Modern Meat’s philosophy. “Ultimately, we want to change the way food is produced and consumed for the benefit of people, animals, and the environment by choosing plant-based over traditional meat.

The company also carries three Modern Sauces. The brand designed its Modern Burger Sauce and the Modern Onion Relish specifically for its meatless burgers. It also carries a tarragon remoulade sauce for its crabless cakes.

Select Canada-based retailers like Urban Fare carry Modern Meat’s plant-based products. To purchase the company’s products online or to learn more about Modern Meat, visit the website. Or follow the company on social media.

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