Meghan Markle Urges Fans to Support Pet Adoption

Meghan Markle supports pet adoption.

Meghan Markle has spoken out about the “life-changing joy” that comes from shelter pet adoption and has urged people to support animal welfare charity, Mayhew.

The Duchess of Sussex has been an animal lover for some time. She had two rescue dogs — Bogart and Guy — before she moved to the UK, however, she had to leave Bogart behind as he was too old to travel, a decision that was “heartbreaking,” a source told The Sun.

Markle and her husband Prince Harry have since welcomed a new dog into their family, a black Labrador, to keep Guy company.

Markle recently wrote a foreword for London-based Mayhew’s annual 2018 review. The charity helps support pet owners facing adversity and lends a hand to people who are homeless in looking after their dogs.

“As a proud dog rescue owner, I know from personal experience the joy that adopting an animal into your home can bring,” the Duchess wrote. “The role that we, as people, play in rehoming and rescuing these animals is vital – but the role of organisations such as Mayhew is unparalleled.”


Mayhew and Animal Rescue

The 37-year-old Patron of the charity highlighted Mayhew’s “community based approach” in not just rehoming abandoned animals, but utilizing preventative measures that stop cats and dogs being placed into shelters in the first place. In 2018, Mayhew helped 786 animals outside of the shelter and reunited 67 dogs with their owners.

Mayhew’s work stems from global education programmes to community efforts with elderly, homeless, and vulnerable communities, Markle said, and the team “actively seek solutions that allow people to stay with their animals and have the support they need to do so.”

“The choice to adopt a pet is a big decision that comes with much responsibility but infinite return on the investment,” she said. “It will undoubtedly change your life.”

Markle encouraged animal lovers to “get involved” in any way they can, by volunteering, donating, spreading the word, or even adopting a rescue animal.

She added, “We are interconnected and through these animals we find an even greater link to community and the part we play.”