Meghan Markle Uses Vegan Paint In Gender-Neutral Nursery

Meghan Markle's nursery will be gender neutral.

Meghan Markle, due to have her first child with Prince Harry in April, is painting the baby’s nursery with vegan-friendly wall paint in gender-neutral colors.

The royal baby’s nursery in Frogmore Cottage will ditch pinks and blues – colors that reinforce the gender binary – and opt for grey and white, the Sun reports. Additionally, the vegan paint, made by the Organic and Natural Paint Co, will be eco-friendly and free from toxic ingredients and odors. Instead, it’s infused with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils, which can help clear and purify air.

“Rather than opt for fashionable Farrow and Ball paint in favoured shades such as Wevet, Peignoir and Pavilion Grey and Salmon, the Sussexes are much in favour of The Organic & Natural Paint Co’s Auro range for the nursery,” a source told the Sun.

Gender-neutral baby room decor will be decided upon with the help of Vicky Charles, co-founder of the interior design studio Charles & Co.

Is House Paint Vegan?

Many wall paints actually contain animal ingredients, according to VegFAQ. Beeswax and dairy products like milk protein are typically used as binders.

Apart from animal ingredients, conventional house paints also usually contain VOCs, aka Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals that can affect air quality and infant health.

According to Indoor Air Quality UK, an independent organization that raises awareness of indoor air quality, high concentrations of VOCs in the home can contribute to headaches, asthma and other breathing troubles, and nausea and dizziness. It can also damage the central nervous system.

The Organic and Natural Paint Co, the brand of paint that the Duchess of Sussex will use for the royal baby’s nursery, was founded by a father who was concerned about how VOCs would affect his family.

“Fundamentally I’m just trying to move even just a few people away from chemical products, and introduce them to a range of products that can dramatically increase the air quality in their home, which can help reduce so many health issues that are common these days,” the company notes on its website.

The royal baby, whose gender is still under wraps, is due in April.