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After adopting a vegan diet 11 months ago, actor Mena Suvari has raved about the abundance of cruelty-free fashion options and the industry’s ethical future.

Suvari wrote a guest post on The Kind Life, a blog run by fellow vegan actor, Alicia Silverstone. The two women star alongside each other on the upcoming Paramount Network sitcom American Woman.”

Suvari said after transitioning to a vegan diet, she had an epiphany-of-sorts and knew veganism ran deeper than the plate, for her. “I soon realized that in order for me to feel my absolute best I also needed to veganize my closet and replace animal items with cruelty-free materials!” wrote Suvari.

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Her moment of truth came during a visit to vegan musician Moby’s restaurant, Little Pine. “I recall the moment I walked into Little Pine with my overpriced, designer handbag (which was a massive leather tote) and feeling like an a**hole. I knew then that I would donate it all! All my handbags, my shoes, my leather pants and start anew,” she continued and later added, “I got most excited about finding international companies that were changing the fashion scene with their beautiful looks.”

Suvari said she started searching the web and Instagram for cruelty-free fashion inspiration, “and boy were there so many options! I fell in love with so many awesome designs and couldn’t believe how much was out there that I’d never known of,” noted Suvari. After purchasing a pair of MooShoes and Sydney Brown clogs, she “saw things differently.” But the ethical shopping spree didn’t stop there, she explained, as she ventured on to Deux Lux and Susi Studios, among many more.

“All these awesome options make it easy, fun, and accessible. Not to mention a great price point.  I love that I can have so much and such a fun variety in my closet. And most importantly, it’s honoring these individuals who choose to work hard with pure passion to change the fashion space,” added Suvari. “Plus, a lot of these companies work with a variety of different charities and donate a portion of sales to them. To me, that’s the most special!”

Suvari and Silverstone are among a growing number of celebrities and high-profile influencers using their platforms to inspire positive change. Recently, vegan musician Sia joined the cast for upcoming animal rights documentary, Dominion,” and Miley Cyrus said “[i]t’s so much cuter to NOT kill animals!”, regarding fashion and diet choices alike.

Image Credit: Little Pine | The Kind Life