Mercy for Animals: Nathan Runkle’s New Book & Lifelong Quest for Compassion

Nathan Runkle’s new book, Mercy For Animals ‘One Man’s Quest to Inspire Compassion and Improve the Lives of Farm Animals’ was recently released. Runkle is the founder and president of animal rights organisation also named Mercy For Animals.

This new, part auto-biographical book, provides a powerful and moving insight into animal agricultural practices and is brimming with practical advice, personal stories and lesser-known insights into the industries. The book encourages readers towards a greater awareness of where their food comes from.

Supported by first-hand experiences, Nathan discusses his journey from a farm-boy in Ohio, to founder of an international animal rights organisation and recognizable figure for veganism. Mercy For Animals is a comprehensive exposé of the treatment of farmed animals, and what can be done to change it.

Nathan explores some behind-the-scenes stories of undercover animal rights investigators who put their physical safety, lives, and mental health on the line to reveal the hidden war that is taking place in factory farms and slaughterhouses. By means of encouraging others to make a difference, Nathan not only discusses the horrors of animal agriculture but also includes a guide on how to be an effective activist yourself. You will inevitably be left feeling inspired and empowered to make small but impactful changes in your life, that will in turn bring positive changes to the lives of animals.

In addition, this compelling read introduces us to the innovators who are changing proclivity of food supply with technological inventions such as ‘clean meat’, cellular agriculture and plant-based alternatives.

Shocking at times, Nathan’s memoirs are permeating and have the ability to shift anyones’ perception on the way in which we use animals for our gain. Raised by pro-animal-duo parents; a veterinarian and avid animal-lover, it’s not a surprise that Runkle felt led to start Mercy For Animals, and make his life’s work about fighting animal injustice.

In the prologue, Nathan shares an honest recount of himself and his team sneaking into Buckeye Egg Farm in Croton, Ohio, one year and a half after founding MFA. This converge was to “investigate and document conditions inside one of the country’s largest egg-producing factory farms, [and] to rescue animals who are dying from injury or neglect.”


‘MERCY FOR ANIMALS BEGINS’ (the beginning chapter) discusses how the term ‘standard agricultural practices’ hides an industry of cruelty and protects abusers from prosecution, allowing them to commit acts that would result in legal punishment if carried out upon someone’s pet or higher valued species.

Further on, ‘REBEL WITH A CAUSE’ is written about Runkle’s experience working directly with PETA while MFA was in its grassroots, and the demos he was involved in. Nathan and the Mercy For Animals team are now, no small name in animal activism. They are successful in their welfare investigations and global programs which spare millions of lives and reduce the suffering that animals endure at the expense of humans.

Ultimately, this is a hard-hitting, voyeuristic read which will touch even the most stubborn hearts, particularly when spotlighting the rich emotional lives of animals. Mercy for Animals reminds us that, like us, animals form strong family bonds, mourn the loss of loved ones, fight undyingly to protect their young and are highly intelligent creatures with a desire to live.

You can purchase your copy of Nathan’s new book here.


Image Credits: mercyforanimals | FoodRevolutionSummit | Wikipedia | amazon