Michigan Bakery ‘BabyCakes’ Delivers Vegan Muffins Nationwide

Michigan muffin company BabyCakes is expanding both its reach and its vegan options.

Based in Marquette, Mich., BabyCakes is known for its wide selection of muffins and pastries, which will now be available for shipping nationwide. Current vegan varieties of muffins include double chocolate chip, oat seed, and the daily rotation of the chef’s choice.

The muffin company has also recently started serving vegan savory options in store, in the form of avocado toast. The eatery launched the new menu option in response to consumer demand, writing on its Facebook page, “you asked…so here it is! We are so excited to now serve avocado toast!”

“We’ve been expanding our horizons on things we offer and things we do,”  said Barista and Manager, Hannah Johnson, to Upper Michigan Source“Now we’re delivering and we’re shipping all over the U.S. We’re really excited about it. We’re also experimenting with tons of different vegan and gluten-free options. That’s a huge market in Marquette and we want to cater to everyone’s needs.” 

Across the U.S., consumer demand for vegan sweet and savory treats is rising. One bakery in New Orleans just decided to ditch animal products altogether and go vegan. “Our goal is to provide healthy food choices that show respect for our planet, and for the animals that inhabit it, therefore we use all organic, local sustainable plant-based products,” said the owners of Breads on Oak, Chamain and Sean O’Mahony, in a joint statement. The bakery website continued, “plant-based foods, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans, are healthier, contain no cholesterol, and are rich in fiber and nutrients.”

The trend for vegan baked goods is also strong in Miami, where a brand new French-inspired plant-based bakery recently opened. L’Artisan Creative Bakery was founded by chef Carolina Molea, who aims to mix French traditional techniques with culinary science to achieve the highest standard of baked good and win customers over. Molea said, “I believe that we all have a chance to make an impact, and be active in saving animal lives, helping the planet and improving our health. This is the way I do activism, through my recipes, through my flavors and creations.”

Image Credit: BabyCakes Muffin Company