Middle Eastern-Inspired Cucumber, Tomato, and Bean Salad

Middle Eastern-Inspired Cucumber, Tomato, and Bean Salad

The perfect vegan salad recipe! If I say Middle Eastern bean salad, what do you think of? In my mind, I see fresh, flavorful, herbs, and definitely cucumbers! So here is my Middle Eastern-inspired bean salad!

What I like about a vegan salad is flavor, but I also look for something a bit filling. So that way it could easily be transformed into a main, instead of just a side. I like a good bean salad, but only when it’s flavorful. I don’t do plain beans, I just don’t like them that much I guess… But this plant-based salad recipe would make me eat beans all day long honestly! I find beans a bit harder to digest in large quantities, so I personally soak them in water while I chop my veggies, than drain them and mix everything! That way, I find them easier to digest than just rinsing them for a minute or two!

I added kalamata olives because I love them and they make everything better. But I don’t think it goes with the middle eastern salad. Kalamata olives or not, this vegan salad recipe is amazing!

Sumac makes this vegan salad recipe even more flavorful, so if you can find it, please do use it! You will probably end up being as obsessed with as I am! The salad is still flavorful without, but the sumac flavor makes the plant-based salad recipe much more middle eastern in flavor. More like something you would get at a middle eastern place. But again, this salad is inspired, and by no means authentic.

This salad is amazing for picnics! Just make sure you don’t make it too much in advance, it’s best the first two to three days. After, the vegetables tend to get soggy. (I doubt you’ll have leftovers, so this may not be an issue at all.)


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This recipe was republished with permission from Everyday Vegan Food.