Miley Cyrus Turns ‘Santa Baby’ Into a Vegan Feminist Anthem

Miley Cyrus

Vegan singer and fashion designer Miley Cyrus gave a classic Christmas song a much-needed makeover on “The Tonight Show” last night.

In a skit with show host Jimmy Fallon, Cyrus unpacks the lyrics to the popular holiday song “Santa, Baby,” editing them for the 21st century.

“I think I might need to change a few of these lyrics,” Cyrus told Fallon. “Slip a sable under the tree for me–do you even know what that is?” Fallon guesses “a sword” to which Cyrus corrects him: “No, Jimmy, it’s fur and I’m vegan.”

Cyrus takes aim at several other lyrics in the song as well. The original song, written in 1953, was best known for being performed by singer, actor, and activist Eartha Kitt, of “Catwoman” fame. But, according to Cyrus, the song implies that Santa may receive sexual favors in exchange for material gifts, something Cyrus says won’t fly today.

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“Am I saying I’m gonna hook up with Santa if he buys me all this stuff?” she asks Fallon.

He gives her his blessing — all part of the skit — to change up the lyrics as she sees fit. And she does. She proceeds to tell Santa she doesn’t want “diamonds, cash, or stuff,” she sang as Fallon presents her with a diamond necklace. “Nothing that comes in a box. No more fluff. I’ve had enough. And I can buy my own damn stuff.”

She’s then joined by fellow vegetarian Mark Ronson, with whom she just released a single, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” She goes on with her manifesto, saying the only thing she wants from Santa is a little bit of equal rights and justice.

 “Listen, Santa, to what I say. A girl’s best friend is equal pay,” she sang. “Stop interrupting me when I talk. And don’t text me pictures of your…” (Ronson’s phone buzzes.) “Santa baby, I’d love to know my ass won’t get grabbed at work by some ignorant jerk,” she sang.

“Tell the dirtbags to put away their chimneys tonight.”