Milk Makeup Launches 2 Vegan Roll-On Face Mask Sticks and De-Puffing Gel Eye Patches

Milk Makeup Launches Vegan Roll-On Face Mask Sticks and De-Puffing Gel Eye Patches for Dark Circles

If your skin is suffering this winter and in need of a little TLC, vegan beauty brand Milk Makeup may have the answer. The cruelty-free company has launched three new products to get your skin looking back in tip-top condition; a detoxifying roll-on face mask, a brightening roll-on face mask, and Cooling Water Eye Patches.

The first of the new products, the Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask, contains matcha green tea, which according to the brand will detoxify and purify your pores. Like the Watermelon Brightening Face Mask – the company’s second new product, made with watermelon and Swiss garden cress sprout – the detoxifying stick comes in the form of a roll-on clay mask.

Like the roll-on masks, the new Cooling Water Eye Patches will brighten and rejuvenate the skin; they even contain caffeine to support microcirculation underneath the eyes. According to Milk, the patches – made with fabric that won’t slide down your face once applied – are “formulated with natural seawater, aloe, and lavender to calm and hydrate under-eye skin.”

Founded in 2016, Milk strives to be as creative as possible with its products, harking back to its photography studio roots; the company was born in Milk Studios, a studio based in New York and Los Angeles. In July, it even launched new CBD-infused “Kush” brow gel, designed to do “something dope for your brows.”

As well as being as creative and artistic as possible, Milk is also ethical with its ingredient choices. This is a relatively new development for the brand, which decided to go vegan in March. Co-founder Dianna Ruth said at the time, “While we’ve always been a majority-vegan line, the shift to 100% vegan is important to us because using animal byproducts is an unnecessary practice.”

It’s also firm on using healthy, non-toxic, cruelty-free products. Fellow co-founder George Greville explained, “When we started Milk Makeup, we all had young kids, which makes you hyper-aware of the toxicity in the world. We wanted to us healthy ingredients that we felt great about, especially if our kids got their hands on the products.”

The new roll-on face masks and under eye cooling patches are currently available from the Milk Makeup website.