Millennials’ Love of Vegan Food Helps Push Hummus Market Value to $1.1 Billion

Millennials are doing great things for the hummus industry according to the manager of Kasih Food Production Co, Khaled Kasir. The company, who are based in Jordan, recently launched a brand-new range of hummus products as they feel the chickpea-based dip is the up and coming food of the future. And they may just be onto something.

Speaking about millennials, Kasir observed to FoodIngredientsFirst, ‘they look to foods rich in certain vitamins and minerals to support peak performance, with studies demonstrating that millennials believe that protein is the most important component of healthy eating. There is also an increasing number of consumers gravitating toward plant-based snacks and mini-meals. Hummus is garnering significant attention for being rich in fiber, protein and good carbs.’

The modern diet is changing, busy millennials want easy, healthy, tasty food that will fit their active lifestyles. They are on the search for alternative foods that are more organic, more plant-based, non-GMO and generally more vegan friendly. Hummus is clearly the perfect fit, with the market set to hit a staggering $1.1 billion worldwide by 2022.

To go alongside the traditional refrigerated version, in what may be a revolutionary step, Kasih Food Production Co has created a shelf-stable recipe for the first time ever. Kasih stated, ‘the company’s mission is to offer delicious products that are natural and free-from preservatives. Consequently, the company has been looking for new technologies that can extend their perishable products’ shelf life and maintain both quality and taste.  Kasih Food Production Co is the only company in the world to produce and package long-life (aseptic) hummus and ready-made Mediterranean dishes.’

The new product has the same quality, but can be stored outside of the fridge. This means you can simply shove it in your bag and go, it doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Image Credit: Shutterstock