Millennial Parents Are Asking for More Vegan Baby Care Products

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Millennials are the largest growing population of vegans. This unique generation has demanded more food transparency than those before it, and in doing so, have come to realize that plants are the healthier and more ethical choice. As millennials hit parenting age, as many are, their commitment to a plant-based lifestyle has extended to their children. To cater to this consumer demand, clean beauty companies have developed skincare and basic hygiene collections for infants and moms-to-be.

In line with the rise of increased concern over transparency in all products, clean beauty is a growing trend. Clean beauty products do not contain or test on animals. Many prominent skincare lines have gone completely vegan, or at the very least created dedicated vegan lines to appeal to their plant-based consumers. According to PSKF, an on-demand retail intelligence website, these companies are making a conscious effort to create new collections just for babies and moms, keeping their customer base all in the family.


PSFK noted a few natural brands who have specifically developed maternity and baby ranges. Saje Natural Wellness, Azafran Organics, and Babo Botanicals all created gentle and moisturizing lotions, soaps, and general skincare products all made from natural and often organic plant-based ingredients. Unlike some beauty brands, these plant-based sources are guaranteed to be non-toxic and nonirritating, even on the most delicate baby skin.

Not all new parents who use plant-based baby products will raise their child vegan, but the practice of vegan parenting is becoming more common. More resources are available to parents than ever before to help them understand that it is possible to raise a healthy, happy child on a vegan diet. Raise Vegan, the world’s first vegan parenting magazine (both digital and in print), is one such resource. Further, celebrity parents and parents-to-be are also committing to raising vegan families. Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo and her young children just went vegan a few months ago. More recently, vegan couples Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer and Shaun Monson and Amy Davis both announced their pregnancies and confirmed their new baby will be vegan.

Image Credit: Saje Natural Wellness