13 Million Brits to Go Plastic-Free This Christmas Season

Millions of brits are going plastic-free this Christmas season, according to a new study by Onepoll.com.

According to The Mirror, the study found that millions of gift-giving brits are choosing to have an “ethical” Christmas this year. Droves of people are also choosing not to buy “unethical toys” and are investing in “charity Christmas cards.”

Parents are leading the call to make this year’s holiday season more sustainable. Of the 2,000 adults the study surveyed, a fifth want to go completely plastic-free to reduce their environmental impact.

More than one-third of parents think their kids “have enough plastic toys,” and four in 10 parents want friends and family to buy their children toys made out of sustainable materials, “such as sustainable wood.” Parents also are asking their friends and family “to not give their children any plastic toys or games … and 62 percent of those asked understood why.”

Four in 10 study participants will either avoid wrapping paper, or use recyclable wrapping paper, according to the data. And the survey numbers also showed that six in 10 survey respondents who are planning to have a more conscious Christmas are doing so “because they care about the consequences their actions have on the environment.” More than half want to leave the planet in a better state for future generations.

“It is great that Brits are really thinking about the impact of their spending decisions,” Peter Holbrook, chief executive at Social Enterprise UK said to The Mirror

“We have seen a real shift in consumer attitudes towards buying ethically with shoppers recognising their power to make a difference to the world through how they spend their money.”


A Very, Merry, Zero-Waste Christmas

London-based brits will have a place to buy their sustainable gifts. On December 12, people can visit the Zero Waste Christmas Market. The Market’s goal is to help keep waste away from landfills.

Market organiser Melanie Fisher explained the concept to Vegan Food and Living. “I love Christmas – everybody does, but I also care about the planet,” she said.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to have the conversation about overconsumption and environmental impact but to do so in a way that is both inclusive and enjoyable. I want to make it fun and easy for people to do the right thing whilst addressing the issue of consumer waste at the same time.”

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