Game of Thrones’ ‘Missandei’ Rocks Funny Vegan Christmas Sweater

Game of Thrones’ ‘Missandei’ Rocks Funny Vegan Christmas Sweater

Nathalie Emmanuel, aka Game of Thrones Sweetheart Missandei, has been a proud vegan for four years. Back in August, the star was putting protein myths about veganism to bed, showing us just how easy it is to get plant-based protein into your diet with shakes.

She stated ‘I’ll make something that’s packed with calories. I’ll put a banana in it, a bit of almond milk or coconut water, spinach. I also like a bit of matcha powder in there – all of that fun stuff! Add a bit of vegan protein powder and that would be my shake.’ See, simple!

Now Nathalie’s getting into the festive spirit with her new Christmas jumper from Pave Patterns.  The star wrote on her InstagramI mean…it’s ridiculous but I love my vegan Christmas jumper by #pavepatterns. Made me giggle anyway…’

She then added #tistheseasontohaveyourlifechoicesmockedrepeatedly. It’s not always easy being a vegan a Christmas. But what better way to make light of the situation than with a fun traditional Christmas jumper with a vegan twist?!

Pave Patterns are the perfect brand of choice too, with 10% of their profits going to Mercy For Animals. You don’t have to grab the snowman design like Nathalie either (although it is beautiful) as there are plenty of others to choose from, you can even buy a bag or a baby grow.


The company state on their website ‘Our Jumpers can be funny (we hope!) but they might make people think and inspire change. We find sometimes humour can be a good way to broach a serious topic.’