Vegan Celebrity Moby Donates $250K to Animal Rights Organizations

Vegan musician Moby

(Updated July 13, 2021) | In his 30 years of being vegan, electro-pop artist and kind living advocate, Moby has helped and saved countless animals – now, he’s at it again.

Moby has revealed in his latest Instagram post that he and one of his restaurants, Little Pine, are donating $250,000 towards various animal rights organizations.

Moby captioned the image with: “As today is #givingtuesday I’m proud to announce that this year @littlepinerestaurant and I will be donating $250,000 to a wide range of #animalrights organizations. As you know, 100% of little pine’s profits go to animal rights groups. Including @mercyforanimals @humanesociety @thehumaneleague @physicianscommittee @peta @animalequality and others.”

Of course, he also shared a cute and inspiring cartoon to go with it.

This isn’t the first time Moby has put his finances towards saving animals. Most recently, Moby performed his only live concert of the year at his very own vegan festival, Circle V and 100% of his fee went towards animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals.

Moby has even been known to donate his time towards animals, such as speaking at animal rights events, bearing witness to pigs on the way to slaughter and helping people reconnect to animals at sanctuaries and rescue shelters.

A quarter of a million dollars is certainly no small donation, and the ways in which this money from Moby and his restaurant Little Pine will be used to help animals will likely not be small either.

Image Credit: Billboard | Moby | Circle V