MOCK: Vegan ‘Meat’ Curries Delivered Straight to Your Door

If there’s one thing to celebrate in this world, it’s food that looks like takeaway, smells like takeaway, tastes like takeaway but is actually healthy enough to have multiple times a week.

Often to achieve this result, hours of preparation are required in the kitchen, kind of defeating the purpose of the takeaway in the first place – is it really the taste that we like or the fact that we can go from starving to satisfied without having to do more than answer the door?

Not so with Mock. Mock curries offer a wonderful combination of all the good things about a takeaway without the bad and at a fraction of the price.

Entirely vegetarian and gluten-free, Mock currently offers seven different curries to choose from, three of which are vegan.

We believe that by reducing consumption of animal-based protein…and replacing it with plant-based protein alternatives, we can make these positive changes and live better lives,’ says Mock. The brand also boasts ‘100% fresh and natural ingredients which are then hand packed, frozen and shipped,’ as well as being Non-GMO.

The wonderful team over at Mock gave LIVEKINDLY the chance to experience what the vegan curries had to offer, and we weren’t disappointed.

MOCK: Vegan ‘Meat’ Curries Delivered Straight to Your Door

Mock Chicken Jalfrezi

This dish is a little spicy, but the kick doesn’t overpower the wonderful flavours of this curry. The bell peppers in this dish really shine through and complement the heat well. The soy-based chicken substitute has a wonderful texture that will be appealing to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters and what’s more, there’s plenty of it.

Mock Lamb Keema with Peas and Potatoes

A totally different experience to the Jalfrezi, this dish is much drier with a rich flavour. The serving of mock meat is very generous and the potatoes in the dish add a contrasting flavour to the mock lamb.

Mock Chicken Punjabi

The curry was a firm favourite among the LIVEKINDLY team. The sauce is a perfect balance between flavour and heat and the mock chicken is absolutely delicious. The onion and tomato gravy has a deep, comforting flavour perfect for a Friday night in front of Netflix.

Each curry is priced at £6.25 and can either be eaten as an entire meal in itself or will happily serve two when accompanied with rice or bread (or both!) The dishes can all be heated over the stove, or in the oven. Alternatively, you can pop the curry in the microwave for a dinner ready in less than five minutes.