M&S Just Launched Vegan Gelatin-Free Flamingo Gummy Sweets

M&S Just Launched Vegan Gelatin-Free Flamingo Gummy Sweets

Thanks to Marks & Spencer, sweet-lovers can now get their hands on gelatin-free vegan gummy flamingos.

Earlier this year, the chain ditched gelatin from its iconic Percy Pig gummies. Although the store said the flavor of the pig remains the same, some customers were disappointed at the change.

In response to criticism, Marks & Spencer asked 100 fans to vote on whether to keep Percy veggie, and the result was a resounding yes. Although the chain’s signature piggy is now pork-free, the sweets include beeswax in the ingredients, meaning they’re not suitable for vegans.

However, the new pink Fab Flamingo sweets are. They’re marked as vegetarian, but a quick scan of the ingredients confirms that the sweets are animal-product free.

Fab Flamingos are gelatin-free | image/Canterbury Vegan

Marks & Spencer Embraces Veganism

As well as gummy versions of the bird of the summer (flamingos seem to feature on everything from pool floats, to drink stirrers, to swimsuits), Marks & Spencer offers a wide range of vegan food.

Its Plant Kitchen line includes animal-free wraps, sandwiches, ready meals, salads, burgers, and even churros and cauliflower popcorn. “Some people think meat-free food is boring but that couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s experimental — and it’s delicious,” said Plant Kitchen team member Claire Richardson after the initial launch last year.

“We’ve created a collection that will appeal to everyone,” she continued. “Whether you’re a longstanding vegan, want to lead a more flexitarian lifestyle or you love meat but think cauliflower popcorn sounds amazing!”

UK Demand for Vegan Food

Marks & Spencer isn’t the only supermarket fulfilling the demand for vegan food in the UK. Waitrose has also added a wide range of vegan options in the past year, including vegan avocado jelly sweets for Easter.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s are also aware of higher demand; the former offers a number of plant-based options under its “Wicked Kitchen” brand, and the latter conducted its own survey on the subject earlier this year, revealing that 91 percent of Brits now identify themselves as flexitarian.

Major confectionary brands are also adapting to fulfill consumer demand. Rowntrees’ Jelly Tots — a favorite childhood sweet of many — now displays its vegan certification proudly on its packaging.