Mya Credits a Healthy Vegan Diet for Her ‘Fountain of Youth’


If you have ever seen a picture of Mya (recent or dated) – it may come as a surprise that she is not the fresh-faced 19-year-old student her flawless exterior portrays. In fact, the American singer-songwriter actually just celebrated her 38th birthday last month. (10th October to be precise … Happy Belated!)

Yep, this Grammy-nominated songstress is anything but aging in appearance.

Mya praises veganism for a number of reasons including her talent for anti aging. She says: “[e]verything in my life has benefited me just by eating natural foods.” this certainly includes her clean, clear skin (the girl just glows like a goddess!), cut physique and great youthfulness.

Mya adds that she is vegan for life, by saying “It’s impossible to turn back, because I no longer see products – I see process.”

So it seems there could be a secret to ‘staying young’ – no overpriced skin creams required!

Mya opts for a healthy whole foods plant based diet which helps to keep her skin hydrated (plants have a high water content), reduces wrinkles (from heightened cell repair), helps to combat acne, and allows for easier weight control. The diet is also said to be linked with stress and anxiety reduction.

A long-time vegetarian before choosing to ditch all animal products from her life, Mya originally went vegan after learning about the cruel treatment of animals; however, she benefitted from a multitude of health benefits too. Claiming in a PETA video that the whole foods plant based diet cured her anemia – something people often mistakenly associate with a lack of meat.

Mya frequently posts on social media, tagging #FountainOfYouth in reference to her diet and even goes as far to say “I would definitely recommend it [a vegan diet] in every possible way, if you want to see a huge difference in your life, give vegan a try, it’ll grow on you.”

Okay, Mya.. we’re putting our vegan donut down now. Might try one of these instead.