Vegan Ice Cream Brand NadaMoo Releases 3 New Flavors

NadaMoo, one of the leading brands of non-dairy ice cream, just announced three new flavors.  Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Cold-Brew & Cookies, and Cookie Dough Fudge are now available in select retailers across the US and online.

These three new varieties join the expansive offerings of NadaMoo’s organic, coconut-based ice creams. Although flavors range from simple Vanilla…Ahhh to Birthday Cake Cookie Dough, all products are certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, Fair Trade, and vegan. According to NadoMoo, each pint is “Certified Awesome.


 “Strawberries and vegan cheesecake swirl in perfect harmony with flakey pieces of gluten-free pie crust.”

This family-owned business began in 2004 when they started making small batches of non-dairy ice cream for their friends in the Austin, Texas community. This was long before vegan ice cream became popular, as most brands were icy and lacked the smooth creamy texture of this cherished dairy-based dessert. However, by using coconut milk, the family was able to nail down the texture issue, and word spread through the heart of Texas. Soon, the family revved up production to meet the growing demand. The company is still based in Austin, but it now has a line of eighteen unique flavors, with a nationwide distribution and an online store.


“Creamy coconut swirled with rich dairy-free chocolate fudge and gluten-free cookie dough chunks.”

In addition to its crave-worthy creaminess, NadaMoo is known for its fun flavor combinations and decadent ice cream creations. One scroll through the brand’s Instagram will have one drooling over images of ice cream-topped cupcakes, thick ice cream cookie sandwiches, and over-the-top, cookie dough-studded milkshakes.

The new flavors certainly deliver on the NadaMoo tendency to say and, not or. Grab a spoon and dig in – no garnishes required (although coconut whipped cream never hurts). To find these new pints near you, or to purchase online, check out the NadaMoo store locator.


“Our creamy coffee base layered with a sweet caramel ripple and crunchy chocolate, gluten-free cookies.” 

Photo credit @nadamoo/Instagram