Coming Soon! Nando’s Hint at Cheeky New Vegan Menu Options

Nando’s – Not necessarily the place you’d associate with vegan diners, the casual restaurant chain specializes in South African style peri-peri chicken dishes with eateries located across the globe.

At present, their menu is far from vegan friendly however they do offer some items such as the veggie wrap (just remember to hold the dairy) and the soy burger which may or may not be vegan dependent on the franchise – clearly not the simplest menu to navigate however vegan free runner Tim Shieff will show you how it’s done.

Nando’s also say: “Our bastes are all meat, egg and dairy free, so you can choose which ever you want. Though we are not a vegetarian restaurant, we do take specific steps to segregate our non-meat products from our meat products: We choose a specific part of the grill for cooking only non-meat product, Separate utensils are always used with non-meat products, Separate bottles of the Nando’s bastes are used exclusively for basting the non-meat products.”

The good news is that Nando’s have recently let slip that the nuisance of menu-customizing may soon be a thing of the past for vegans visiting their UK establishments, in just a matter of weeks!

Whilst not every vegan will be keen to dine at a restaurant dedicated to serving animal products, others will be thrilled to know that they can eat out with non vegan friends or family with ease.

Many people are put off trying veganism for fear of being a ‘social burden’ in non vegan situations such as eating out or being deemed as picky-eaters by their peers. Simply by adding more vegan options to a menu allows for this fear to be dispelled. Furthermore, if we continue to encourage and support decisions such as this within non-vegan businesses we are likely to see an even bigger increase in vegan products and services – supply and demand baby!

So keep your eyes peeled for Nando’s new menu announcement and in the meantime if you’re in the UK, why not try Bella Italia‘s new vegan menu or the award winning noodle dish from JD Wetherspoons?