Vegan Natalie Portman Wins ‘Nobel Prize’ for Animal Rights Activism

Vegan Natalie Portman Wins ‘Nobel Prize’ for Animal Rights Activism

Longtime vegan activist, Natalie Portman, has recently been in receipt of a prestigious award: the Jewish Nobel Peace Prize.

According to DW, the Genesis Prize Foundation (GPF), who bestowed the award upon Portman, claimed that she is a ‘role model for millions of young Jews around the world.’

In the western world, the Jewish community has recently been outspoken about vegan diets, with 70 rabbis across the globe signing a declaration in October encouraging all Jews to go vegan. They claimed that a plant based diet is ‘an expression of our shared Jewish values of compassion for animals, protection of the environment, and concern for our physical and spiritual well-being.’

In speaking about Portman’s recent award, GPF went on to say that ‘her talent, her commitment to social causes and her deep connection to her Jewish and Israeli roots are greatly admired.’ They cited her work in animal rights activism as one of the reasons they chose Portman for this award.

Portman, who has been vegan for 8 years, has been making waves with her contributions to animal rights activism of late.

This year she has narrated and produced the film ‘Eating Animals’ which debuted in NYC in October and will be officially released in 2018. In addition to this, many were affected by her ‘heartwarming’ speech where she talked about why she has chosen veganism, and she has even publically credited the diet for her clear complexion.

Image credit: John Steven Fernandez