Talented Teen Amazes Instagram with Beautiful Vegan Desserts

Prepare your Instagram feed for an upgrade when you follow Jose from @naturally.jo. Jose is one stunningly talented 16 year old, who is proving how vegan food can be anything but tasteless, bland or boring. A quick stalk of this gorgeous account will give you major food envy. Fair warning, don’t browse the posts on his account unless you have a full belly!

Life is too short to eat boring food” – Jose on his Instagram bio.

Such talent to create stunning foods from desserts to breakfasts, at such a young age is. But, you may be wondering just what is so special about another account of smoothie bowls and raw cheesecake? Scrolling through Jose’s game-changing creations will explain it all.

Is it any wonder that Jose’s food creations are so popular when they look like this? Jose is amongst many vegan advocates who are pioneering the positive promotion of veganism by showing off all the wonderful things about it. Who wouldn’t want to tuck into a vegan cake or smoothie after seeing this teen’s jaw-dropping creations?

Jose will leave you undecided as to whether you want to be him or just have him make food for you.

Not only does this awe-inspiring young ‘grammer, and food blogger share photos of his artsy, creative foods, but the majority of his posts have a recipe with them, or a link to the recipe. Not only does Jose have a talent for food, his photographs are editing and are almost as out-of-this-world than the food itself.

Other young social media influencers who are pioneering change by being beacons of inspiration include Elsa from @elsas_wholesomelife, Disney’s new Aladdin star Mena Massoud, Nathalie Emmanuel from Game Of Thrones, and Ne-Yo.

Has the time to live kindly ever looked more delicious?

Image credit: naturally jo