Fully Raw Kristina's 'Secret' Vegan Watermelon Juice Recipe

This is not just any watermelon juice. I’m teaching you my watermelon juice secret.

Everybody is always asking me what I do to get my watermelon juice so deliciously sweet, to be so pink, and to look so sexy in a jar.

This is the perfect recipe to drink chilled when you’re sitting in the hot summer sun and you’ve got all of your glisten going on. This will take you just a few minutes to make and is perfect for sharing with family and friends during summer. I personally drink this every single day.

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Naturally Sweet, Fresh Vegan Watermelon Juice Recipe

Fully Raw Kristina's 'Secret' Vegan Watermelon Juice Recipe


  • 1 giant watermelon (ensure it is cold and chilled for maximum delicious factor)
  • 1 bowl of mixed herbs (I used fresh mint but African basil would work, too)


  1. Chop the watermelon and remove the rind.
  2. Blend watermelon in a https://amzn.to/2Gv2uEW.
  3. You could serve at this point (when the watermelon is all blended) but my secret is in the straining. It removes the pulp so the liquid is smooth and you can drink it just like ice water. The straining will also increase the sweetness of the juice because it's removing the fiber, which makes it more condensed.
  4. Take a strainer and a straining bowl.
  5. Hold the strainer over the straining bowl and pour the juice from the Vitamix to the strainer.
  6. As you pour the juice, gently move the strainer while pouring the juice from a consistent spot.
  7. You may have to shake the strainer out a little bit at the end.
  8. Put your herbs in the bottom of a mason jar. Add more herbs for a stronger herb taste. The juice tastes fresher when soaking up the taste of the herbs.
  9. Pour the strained juice back into the Vitamix and pour from there into the mason jar.

This recipe was republished with permission from Fully Raw Kristina.

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Fully Raw Kristina's 'Secret' Vegan Watermelon Juice Recipe
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