Ne-Yo Speaks Out About Self Love And Going Vegan As a “Meat Lover”

Ne-Yo Speaks Out About Self Love And Going Vegan As a “Meat Lover”

Just last week singer-songwriter, Ne-Yo publicly announced his decision to adopt a vegan diet after seeing the Netflix documentary “What The Health“.  In his video announcement, Ne-Yo filmed his reaction to the movie as he scoured supermarket shelves for vegan food with his friend, saying “Send in recipes, send in restaurant recommendations. especially in Atlanta, because I ain’t messing with that meat no more.”

More recently, the self-confessed veggie-phobe opened up about life and “where he’s at” in an interview with the Herald Sun.

“I’ve been on this whole ‘Self love’ and ‘There’s nothing wrong with you being you’ kick for so long that I can’t preach it if I don’t practice it.” says Ne-Yo

“I’m telling everybody ‘Love yourself’ meanwhile I’m hiding under my hat. It didn’t make any sense. So I decided this year I’m going to take the hat off and let the world see what it is.”

The Herald ask Ne-Yo about how his new journey into veganism comes into play, to which he said:

“I wasn’t trying to make a major statement or anything. A friend was urging me to watch What the Health? on Netflix; I was running from it for a long time.”

“I think I might have been a T-Rex in another life, I was a lover of meat. But the second I watched it I instantly ran to refrigerator and threw out all the deli meats. This was not something that was planned, it just happened.”

Ne-You believes that there is no such thing as coincidence, “I was supposed to watch the film and here I am. I can’t know what I know and still eat that stuff. I just can’t.”

After a failed attempted a plant-based diet in 2013, he explains that the transition to veganism doesn’t come easy for him and that the reason it’s different this time is mainly down to a change in perspective. He says:

“It’s not an easy diet at all. But now just thinking about the alternative is the focus. Meat literally makes you sick. It’s harder for me because I’m not really a fruit and vegetables kinds guy, I never have been, even from childhood, but I gotta do what I gotta do.”