Nescafé Launches Vegan Coconut Milk Coffee Pods

Great news for barista-style latte lovers who don’t want to leave the house. Nescafé has launched vegan flat white pods in the UK.

Registered by the Vegan Society, the new latte pods can be used in Nescafé’s Dolce Gusto coffee machines. They’re available in three flavors: Almond, Coconut, and Oat. When you’re finished with the pods, you can send them back to Nescafé for recycling.

A press release sent to LIVEKINDLY reads: “The new varieties allow consumers to create superior coffee blended with lactose-free milk for a deliciously smooth, vegan Flat White.”

It adds that growing consumer demand for more dairy-free products prompted the launch of the vegan pods.

According to Mintel, around one-quarter of Brits regularly consume dairy-free milk. In 2019, the market research firm surveyed 2,000 people. It found that a third of people aged 16 to 24-years-old prefer dairy-free milk to cow’s milk for health and environmental reasons.

Emma Clifford, the company’s associate director of UK food and drink, said at the time: “With volume sales of cow’s milk already on a downward trend, the fact that more young consumers are turning away from these products does not bode well for this segment’s prospects in the long-term.” 

Another study from 2019 by Clipper Tea, the world’s largest fairtrade tea company, also found that around 25 percent of Brits have stopped using cow’s milk in their tea. Instead, they’re opting for dairy-free options or forgoing milk completely.

Nescafé’s Vegan Products

The new pods are not Nescafé’s first vegan offering. Back in 2019, the popular Nestlé-owned coffee brand launched Nescafé Gold dairy-free instant lattes. The sachets are available in the same flavors as the pods: Almond, Oat, and Coconut.

In 2018, it launched vegan Coffee Protein Smoothies made with oat milk. Again, in a bid to cater to growing demand from consumers.

Avantika Chakravorty, the marketing manager for Nescafé’s RTD coffee business, said at the time: “Nestlé continues to meet the ever-changing needs and preferences of customers. We know that consumers are looking for plant-based options and continue to see that category grow.”

The new vegan coffee pods are available in boxes of 12 from Tesco or Sainsbury’s, for an RRP of £3.99.