New at Golden Krust: Lizzo Approved Vegan Jamaican Beef Patties

New at Golden Krust: Lizzo Approved Vegan Jamaican Beef Patties

Lizzo can’t get enough of Golden Krust’s new Jamaican-style, vegan beef patties. 

The Grammy Award-winning singer, who revealed she was vegan in June, raved about the plant-based patties during an Instagram Live.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is possibly the best day of my life,” Lizzo said during the video. “If you know me you know that I love, love Jamaican beef patties.”

The New York-based Caribbean restaurant chain created the vegan patties to resemble the company’s signature beef version. In lieu of meat, they feature Beyond Meat’s vegan beef. The Beyond Beef is made from a blend of pea, brown rice, and mung bean proteins.

“Golden Krust is bringing plant-based protein to the market in a new and different way, which is exciting for us at Beyond Meat,” Tim Smith, the company’s vice president of foodservice sales in North America, said in a statement.

Golden Krust uses its 30-year-old secret family recipe to make the plant-patties, which are seasoned with Jamaican herbs and spices and wrapped in a golden, flaky crust. The patties are available in two varieties: mild and spicy.

“I’m about to tear this up,” Lizzo added. “The flaky crust…this is what you want,” she said after taking a bite out of a patty.

Golden Krust Plant-Based Beef Patties

The new, microwavable vegan patties are part of Golden Krust’s new line of “better for you” patties.

“Beyond Beef was the perfect choice for our new patties since it is designed to look, cook, and taste like ground beef, with all the benefits of plant-based protein,” Alfred R. Novas, the chairman, CEO, and president of Golden Krust, said in a statement earlier this year.

“We are excited to commence this test of Spicy and Mild plant-based patties at our Company restaurants today,” Novas continued. “We challenge you to tell the difference between our traditional beef patties and our new plant-based protein patties.”

Golden Krust launched the vegan patties at select locations in Boston, Toronto, Hartford, and The Bronx in February. In October, the company launched them in 1,000 retailers across the East Coast. It plans to expand to more retailers in the coming months.