You Can Buy Vegan Socks for Plant-Powered Feet From New Look

UK high-street fashion retailer New Look now offers vegan-inspired sock designs.

The socks — made from a soft cotton blend — feature avocados, carrots, and pandas and bear slogans such as “save our planet, it’s the only planet with prosecco” and “powered by plants.”

“Whether you’re vegan or just love your vegetables, add some character to your look with these slogan socks,” notes the brand on its website.

The popular brand is an advocate of animal-friendly fashion. Not only does it offer vegan-themed clothing, but it also has a firm animal welfare policy, avoiding a number of animal-based materials such as exotic leather, angora wool, fur, and merino wool in its clothing.

It notes on its website, “We don’t believe it’s ever acceptable to harm animals in the manufacturing or testing of products and we think having excellent standards of animal welfare should go hand in hand with creating amazing fashion.”

“We’ve developed an animal welfare policy to cover all the products we sell so that our customers can get the look of fur, leather, exotics, suede, wool or silk without any harm to animals,” it continued.

The Rise of Vegan Fashion

A number of high street retailers have recognized a consumer-led shift towards animal-friendly fashion. Marks & Spencer, for example, recently added a range of 350 vegan-friendly shoes to its offerings. The chain developed the new range due to the rising popularity of veganism and ethical products in the UK.

High-end fashion houses are also beginning to use more sustainable and ethical materials. Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, and Versace have all pledged to remove animal furs from their collections and Victoria Beckham has ditched exotic animal skins from her designs on ethical grounds.

Going one step further than vegan slogan socks, plant-based designer Stella McCartney made waves at Paris Fashion Week recently with vegan neck tattoos. Model’s sported statements such as “earth day every day,” “vegan,” and “regenerate.”

Vogue reported that “[Stella McCartney] is an industry leader on [the subject of sustainability] — has been for years.” 

The New Look socks are on sale now for £2.49 each, or 3 pairs for £5, both online and in store.