New Society for Millennials Aims to End Factory Farming

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Major non-profit animal rights organization, Mercy For Animals, has launched a new society for like-minded millennials who are fighting to end factory farming. Named “One to Change the World (OCW) Society”, the new group aims to unite young, vegan leaders within the Los Angeles and San Francisco communities.

The recent OCW launch party was “[h]eld at the stunning Monroe lounge in San Francisco” where guests were treated to “live music, specialty drinks, and delicious vegan hors-d’oeuvres from Om Sabor,” said Mercy For Animals on its website. Through the OCW society, young people are able to meet others who share their passion and use their voices to promote animal rights.

The 20 founding members of OCW Society indulged in seven courses of vegan decadence before the party. From starters to mains, desserts, and even plant-based drinks, nothing was left off the menu. Avocado-jackfruit “crab” salad, jalapeño cream of corn soup, and aji risotto arancini began the night of eating. This was followed by wild mushroom and poblano empanadas, crispy artichoke hearts, chimichurri “chicken” with chipotle portobello kabobs, and a sweet trio dessert of horchata rice ice cream. To wash it all down, the founding members drank spiced Mexican hot chocolate and cinnamon churros.

Mercy For Animals stated: “The OCW Society brings together driven changemakers who want to tackle major problems associated with factory farming, such as water shortages, world hunger, mistreatment of workers, antibiotic resistance, and environmental racism.”

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The newly-launched society isn’t the only group fighting to end global factory farming. Last year, the world’s first vegan political party ran in the German general election. One of their policies was abolishing factory farming, among other changes to animal welfare code of conduct.

Similarly, Saudi Arabian Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed often invests in sustainable vegan initiatives. “[M]y main goal is to relegate factory farming and put it in the dustbin of history. That will happen before I die,” he stated.

UK-based newspaper, The Guardian, also recently launched an eye-opening series on factory farming. The articles, funded by the Open Philanthropy Project, highlight how animal welfare is often overlooked with regard to Britain’s agricultural affairs.

Image Credit: Mercy For Animals