New Spookily Colour-Changing Vegan Halloween Makeup Brushes!

The world of cosmetics can be a scary place for a vegan, with animal products hiding around every corner. Thankfully, recently, vegans have been able to indulge in a little novelty makeup shopping too! From a Mean Girls Burn Book to a Harry Potter Quill Eyeliner, the world of vegan makeup is changing fast, in fact it’s predicted to the be the next big thing, so what’s next?

Well, Unicorn Cosmetics have brought out a Halloween makeup brush set and it might just blow your mind. This brush set might already look pretty cool with its unicorn horn handles and coffin shaped case, but it gets even better – the handles react to heat and change colour! What’s more the product is completely vegan.

The set consists of five brushes: an angled power brush, a triangle brush, an eye shadow brush, a dome-shaped brush and a eye shadow blending brush. In keeping with the Halloween theme, these handles change from orange to black for an extra spooky time getting ready this Halloween – it’s practically witchcraft.

The coffin case is made from faux leather, and is studded with unicorns. You can open your brush set with a bone zipper for an extra dose of ghoulish this 31st of October.

Unicorn are taking advantage of the upcoming Friday 13th, which is when this spooky set will go on sale officially, however it’s already available for preorder.

The new brushes combine two great loves; Unicorns and Halloween, and bring them together in a way that vegans don’t have to miss out!

Get yours here.

Image credit: Unicorn Cosmetics